This Reference Book (2013) is meant for:

  • Students who have dyscalculia
  • Students who have maths difficulties
  • Dyslexics who have maths difficulties
  • Slow learners
  • Students who fail maths in the lower primary
  • Teens/adults who have dyscalculia/severe maths difficulties

The book is suitable to be used in combination with Educational Therapy, it will help students on their journey to learn and enjoy Mathematics.

It contains most topics of the Maths curriculum in Primary Schools and International Schools in Singapore. More than twenty topics are included and examples can be followed in small structured steps and through visual representations that convey math concepts.

It will help students to become more independent and gain more confidence in Mathematics. Through Educational Therapy and use of the Maths Reference Book the students will experience less Maths anxiety and produce better results. It will also provide them with an opportunity to experience success and maintain a positive attitude towards Mathematics.

The book has 120 pages, printed in color and it is spiral bound, so students will find it user friendly.

If you like to order the book, you can order directly by contacting me at:

Helmy Faber  (065)-98234422. Singapore