Services offered

I offer specialized educational support services for students with dyscalculia or math difficulties, to help them improve and achieve success in mathematics. Interventions are suitable for students from 6 years and older who have difficulties with early numeracy skills and Primary school students, teens and adults with dyscalculia.

Individual sessions tailored to the needs of the student are conducted weekly at the student’s home or at my practice. Prior to this a detailed diagnostic math assessment will be conducted in order to determine the underlying difficulties in math and to determine strengths and weaknesses. In addition math anxiety will be assessed. A re-assessment will be conducted upon request in order to evaluate the progress of the student.

Consultation services; providing professional advice and information related to dyscalculia and (severe) math difficulties. Collaboration with schools, teachers and other professionals if required.

Early intervention is crucial for students with dyscalculia to improve their learning, reduce their math anxiety and frustrations and enhance their performances during exams.